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Ruffled Chips

The inital idea was a typeface that creates an optical illusion using moiree lines. One day me and Ida engorged on ruffled chips while i was working on the designs and noticed the similarities, hence the name of the typeface. the print is still in production.




typeface “Gona”

the story:
While we lived on the westside of Tokyo our train company was the “Keio” line. Some of the older stations used signage font with a very rounded “e” and a kind-of old style closed-double-loop “g”. No matter how much i searched I could not find a digitized version of the typeface anywhere, so I set out to photograph each letter I could find to build my own.Lateron a typenerd wrote me a page of an old catalog and the typeface used is called “Gona”, and was later re-released and modernized as “Shin-Go, but they changed the old “g” and has an “e” with corners. Also, all the quirky baseline shifts to accommodate for descenders on the signage have been “cleaned” up.

Probably there are not many tourist that travel to “Bubaigawara” just to take a photo of the station sign since it contains a lower case “w”.
After building the full alphabet I noticed it was impossible to match all the different widths, and ended up using a similar typeface as a base and changing the parts that I liked so much.



My New German Records

typeface “designliga”

the story:
inspired by my friend and super designer Andreas Döhring I build the whole alphabet and changed it to be a little more curved. Then My friend Khairi asked for a music mix for Intermission and I needed a cover.



Kulu Kulu

the story:
Japanese often use words that sound like the action. in english examples are “splish splash”, or “bling bling”. Like they mime the sound of the action.
I heard them very often: “zen zen” (absolutely), “peeka peeka” (shiny), etc.
Here is a list of a few, lined up like stambs:



Ida Words

the story:
I can tell my daughter’s text messages by the amount of emoticons, so I build her face out of emoticons.
I counted 50 different shades, each a new emoticon.
If one is counting emoticons as type then this poster is a fully typographical as well.

I think Ida is a little mad that I posted this. And I am mean to make fun of her, I know. Hopefully she will forgive me soon, because I love her.




the story:
In one of the studio sessions at my teacher Genevieve Williams she asked us to design our bucket list -Our goals, hopes, or just things-to-do in the future. I never made one before. My goals seem to change every, I invent a new hobby almost every day. And, I think that list is very personal, some goals are so private that I would rather obscure them.
The first on the list is pretty sure off: Make New Great Work, and from there on it gets decoded…



The Kitchen Says

typeface “Kitchen”
the story:
My daughter complained that “shut up” is really not an appropriate language. so we changed it to “sit down, and eat your vegetables”.
Initially I designed this typeface for a magazine pitch called “Sketch and Scratch Kitchen” and used it on a few flyers



Milk in Space

typeface “Zygote”
the story:
It might have something to do with acid when this typeface was designed.


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