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Part of the new eScholastic are launched now:

i was mostly working on the UI for the accounts pages, which will hopefully launch soon

Corporate, Pharma, Business

as freelance UI designer for agencies

Mandalah Japan & HP NY

multi-language, syndicated post feeds, newsletter signs-up

E-mails and Landing Pages

Onward Pharma for Rapp Advertising

Pharma Advertsing

Responsive for tablets and phones

Viagra website

header slider images and sidebar advertsing modules


and Pharma advertising at Juice:


Disney, Realty, Music Marketing, Energy

Produced by Rick Casey, joe Berinato, and Michael Rosen

Disney WOW

website for Blu-ray disc with TV calibration tools

Music Marketing website

video players, charts, radio podcasts

Realty website

Private Estate Sales

Realty website

Residential Property

Realty website

Residential Property detail

MTV website

micro website for "the Hills", iTunes

Brighton Energy

English part of website

Brighton Energy

Chinese part of website

DVD & Blu-ray company

website for



Tunji Dada and Zolaykha Sherzad’s websites

Tunji Dada fashion design with responsive eCommerce store
main full-screen video loop page
main collections slider as a custom horizontal wordpress theme
Main Collections horizontal sliders
Another Collection slider full-screen with greyed adjacent slides
Photoshoot Gallery for Underwear
ZarifNYC website. Horizoaatl Wordpress Themewith full-screen video amin
horizontal slides
Men's Collection
Agnès B note in the Ambassador section
Contact page



over the course of 20 years i have worked on plenty of Viacom websites

MTV Music

color backgrounds, modules


external artist pages

MTV website

header images and modules

Addicted to Noise

UI for artists competition sitre

Addicted to Noise


MTV plain site

Slider images

1996 website

1996 website


Music websites and Merchant websites

smaller websites for individual clients

Monique Bingham

official artist website & shop


eCommerec website



Cool for School Photo

photo ordering website


MTG re-designed The Factory’s website and brochure.
Extra-Credit-Question: Where is me hiding like Waldo in the background? As the poster boy for the factory -apparently- I counted 7 times on the website, and didn’t even start counting the brochure, yes, even on the cover… 🙂
It’s a pretty cool office building in Long Island City, the former Macy’s warehouse. I am exited to be doing a big chunk on the graphics with the team Megan, Amanda, Becca and Digno at MarketingThruGraphics, and Anthony for some extra finicky programming.

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