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This Forever. World The glory is righteousness His love And Oh, my goodness what a crowd this morning? Thank you for coming out.

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Thank you for the Campbell Well, this could be in the house of the Lord this morning, I said it could be in the house and uh a lot of things I wanna say, but uh first let's do this and uh I want to see an audience this morning. The Is that?

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Remembrance events are held at the Pearl Harbor National Memorial and of course, there is a commemoration ceremony there, but we need to remember that our country's. I say the young ladies you know, always looking for mister H. Uh this thing should be called Jesus in your room is a Holy Ghost gonna japanse you and you're you're gonna bear a You're gonna be conceived by the Holy Ghost. The cooks have an anniversary the bakers have an anniversary go stand for matue apart. We need your love.

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Amen and Amen. He was a man. We're gonna sing to you this morning.

Joseph called US said, I need to build a room on the fallls call the carpenter. All over the world um together to honor and remember the What happened to the wedding? He is the head of the church secort and so let's this morning go to the Lord prayer. And practically this morning, God help us to know this before we leave if we don't know it already in Jesus name. Joseph the man, the father was a good man.

Come on now. We thank you for the Joseph, for example for all of us to be Lord God we thank you for all of you. You better find the will of God.

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You may feel I feel like you may not feel like your life is counted for much you may not have had much to life. I sure do love you preacher. It's about it's about uh being matkre the will of God and knowing the love of God through the will of God. We ask God that you empower our pastors.

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What are you saying well, according to Isaiah Fifty-three, the Bible says that when we see Jesus there'll be no covenant, that's right, No beauty, No prettiness, no handsome Jesus was probably not a handsome man so forget all the renaissance paintings that you see where he looks like some little fella with that long beautiful rock star hair and that. It already got his business together.

So what the whole lot to be said about it probably wouldn't think deal in the community just a thing, but Joseph was prepared to take on this responsibility of a new life. Say that he was let's say Joseph was about thirty.

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Are you sure if you die today that you go to heaven? You don't always give us what we. He needed someone to be obedient. Let me say one last thing the thing I think that probably we all need together about Joseph as much as anything. Through the singing listen out that you're always come to church uh with high expectations of what the Lord would do and can do in your life uh and in our church.

In the middle of a crisis in his life, he wanted to do right.

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That's right, but the word of God is not always easy. Oh my goodness. I can't.

Joseph there's some. We have several things going on around here.

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It's not about stuff. Escory ask God that you blessed Lord bless all of the members all of the visitors here today and Lord we ask these many things the most precious and holy name.

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Good time preaching just looking down this morning cuz I know she's gonna encourage me but that big, beautiful smile and uh we appreciate her brother Wilbert and uh so good to see you in the Parsons back this morning. And get back to the business. David said.

I have prayed about it much and I believe that um this month of December is gonna be a good month I said. Let's just say it his father's dead. Knowing God that you can use us no matter how simple no matter how backwards no matter how unusual the situation situation may it ain't about looks or skills It's all about just being available so God can use you valls a mighty mighty way with his eyes closed.