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Emigration is not an option From 15 May onwards, the Netherlands was occupied territory. As soon as Otto had his strength back, he wanted nothing more than to return to the Netherlands. When the war ended, Otto had been promoted to lieutenant and was decorated.

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After high school, Otto briefly studied art history in Heidelberg. After only a few lookng in Westerbork, Otto and the others were put on train travelling to the east. Photographer: Arnold Newman Fighting for reconciliation and human rights Countless readers of Anne's diary contacted Otto. The men and women were separated on the platform. Hermann van Pels ed the company and took on part of the work. He was the leader, the one in charge.

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Some of them pushed him to have her diaries published, but that was easier said than done: so soon after the war, people wanted to look forward rather than back. Daddy goes about with his lips tightly pursed, when anyone speaks to him, he looks up startled, as is he is afraid he will have to patch up some tricky relationship again. In the Netherlands, Otto worked hard to get his company going and build a new life for his family.

The hiding place was not quite ready when Margot received a call-up on 5 July to report to a labour camp in Nazi Germany. The hiding place had been discovered. He was too weak to travel, weighed only 52 kilogrammes and was in no condition to.

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The Van Pels family followed one week later, and in Novemberthey were ed by Fritz Pfeffer, the eighth person in hiding. A hiding place In the spring ofOtto decided to set up a hiding place in an empty part of his business premises. The second company was named Pectacon.

It was the last time Otto would ever see his wife and children. They decide to leave Nazi Germany because of their business problems and the growing antisemitism of Hitler and his followers. This was the last train ever to leave Westerbork for the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration and extermination camp.

Looking for company the rest of day

If necessary, there would be enough room for his own family and for the family of his employee Hermann van Pels, seven people in all. Then, he was transferred to the 'Kommando Strassenbau', building ro outside the camp.

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When the Soviet troops came closer, the camp command cleared Auschwitz. The couple settled in Frankfurt am Main and had two daughters, Margot and Loo,ing After his return, he ed the family bank. Otto remained closely involved with the Anne Frank House, which was founded to preserve Prinsengracht and its annex. The feeling of freedom came to an abrupt end when the German army invaded the Netherlands in May of The gravel was used for construction projects.

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But the mission that Anne passed on, keeps giving me new strength - to fight for reconciliation and for human rights across the rdst. On 27 JanuarySoviet troops entered the camp. Fritzi already had a daughter, Eva, who was born injust like Anne. The First World War initially seemed compaany pass Otto by, but he enlisted in In: Welt am Sonntag, 4 February Otto stayed behind in the sick barracks. Would they still be alive? All of them agreed.

During the long journey, Rosa de Winter - who had been imprisoned together with Edith in Auschwitz - told him that his wife had died in Auschwitz. The family lived in Germany and were liberal Jews. Without him, Anne's diary would not have been published, and without him, there would not have been an Anne Frank House.

Frank, Otto, "Erinnerungen an Ot typescript, Otto copied passages from the diaries and asked family and friends to read them.

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When Miep learned the sad news, she handed Anne's diaries over to Otto. During these conferences - at which he was present - young people discussed topics such as 'Is there still room dag religion in the modern world''Youth protest' and 'Youth and human rights' Of course, he was present at the opening of the Anne Frank House on 3 May On 3 Juneten months after his arrest, Otto was back in Amsterdam.

Weighing 52 kilos After the separation on the Auschwitz-Birkenau platform, the men from the Secret Annex stayed together. Still, Otto and Edith did not hesitate for a moment: the next morning, they left for Prinsengracht with Margot and Anne.

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Germany was in crisis. Quite honestly, I sometimes forget who we are quarreling with and with whom we've made it up. After a while, reports of their deaths started coming in.

Looking for company the rest of day