Anselm Dästner web

Larry Bercow Office Portraits Page

Larry updated a lot of the galleries on his website: and edited the Office Portrait page on his website, which I design [...]

I designed my friend and fashion designer Zolayka Sherzad’s webpage The label is based in Afghanistan and NYC and co [...]

EDG website

Live: the official website for the Experimental Dance Group. A elementary school dance group taught by Brian Alejandro Scott based on Kather [...]

Monique Bingham Website

updated her website with new tracks, lyrics, and South Africa October Tour dates: [...]

One Eye Open Gallery Invite

One Eye Open Gallery & Galerie Philippe Gelot present Portraits of Asia Olivier Letant, b/w photography and Marie-Laure Griffe, ceramic [...]

MTV Websites

the very first MTV website in 1996: (notice the netscape browser: state-of-the-art at the time)     over the years, banners and ad [...]