Anselm Dästner typography

Type Thursday in the New York Times

An article in the New York Times got Type Thursday quite hyped. There are 120 tickets sold for the next event. Outch, it’s going to be [...]

#nyctypography part 4 & #parsonstypesafari

In this ongoing project, I post photos of typography or letterforms that I find meaningful and revealing of the stories and their places. Mo [...]

History of Roman Typography up to the 20th Century

Without type, this text could not be written. And I love type so much because it combines two things I like: shapes and history. It is essen [...]

A new Michal Sobkowiak Piano Recital Flyer in Japan

Michal Sobkowiak is a pianist from Poland living, performing and teaching in Tokyo, Japan He is famous for playing Chopin, which is also one [...]

#nyctypography3, instagram pictures of typography

                    more #NYCtypography instgram photos (2) [...]


on a trip to greenpoint:                   more #NYCtypography instgram photos (1)   [...]

Japanese Study Sheets

On this page I will post study sheets for the Japanese class Ia m ataking with Yuko Basset. This is the first one, listing 3 different ways [...]

WYSIWYG: a TypeThurs Exhibition

WHAT YOU SEE IS NOT WHAT YOU GET Curated by TypeThursday AUGUST 28 – NOVEMBER 15 FARMINGDALE STATE COLLEGE Memorial Gallery, A special tha [...]

TypeThursday’s Yearbook

The book is available at PDF of my pages these were some extra pics Julie send me [...]

“My New German Records” in Plexiglas

I had those plates laser-cut out of plexiglas to submit it to the annual competition of the Type Director’s Club. It’s 18″ [...]


a collection of NY typography that I post on instagram #nytypography #anselmdastner                 [...]