Anselm Dästner publications

WYSIWYG: a TypeThurs Exhibition

WHAT YOU SEE IS NOT WHAT YOU GET Curated by TypeThursday AUGUST 28 – NOVEMBER 15 FARMINGDALE STATE COLLEGE Memorial Gallery, A special tha [...]

Ninth Street Espresso 2017

Sun, April 2 & Sun, April 30 12-3pm, have coffee with me and 9 new drawings of NYC at Ninth Street Espresso (on 10th st btw B & C) T [...]

“My New German Records” in Plexiglas

I had those plates laser-cut out of plexiglas to submit it to the annual competition of the Type Director’s Club. It’s 18″ [...]

Suggested Destinations for Visitors to New York City

First time visitor to New York often ask about my favorite places to see. When I came across a blogpost by the great designer and writer Ian [...]

Ansfonts: Type flies when you’re having Fonts

all prints so far: Ruffled Chips The inital idea was a typeface that creates an optical illusion using moiree lines. One day me and Ida engo [...]

Mas Context Book Issue 24

now available as hardcover: take a look at [...]

Japanese Design Study

I have been looking at Japanese graphic design a lot lately. Obviously, since I stay in Japan often, and every time I visit a few more thi [...]

Funny Mansion Names

Any apartment building in Japan are called “mansion”. I was rather confused the first time my friend mentioned he lived in a man [...]


the plan: a series of typographical silk-screen posters for a super exclusive wiskey bar in Yoyogi Uehara. this oldie, but still one of my f [...]


Flyers and Flyer magazine. A lost artform. A way to promote parties, raves and events before the internet. In a short period of pre-Guillian [...]