Anselm Dästner flyers

flyer magazine

The flyer magazine covers: I co-founded a monthly print magazine entitled “Flyer” with a circulation of 100,000, which ran from 1998 to [...]

Konkrete Jungle Reunion Flyer

1997  I did a Flyer for Mac and Kathe. And then many more..., and now, 20 years later, Swingsett asked me to do another, just a quick one, [...]

Flyer for Watergate, Berlin

facebook event banner instagram banner [...]

Testpress Sundays Reunion

poster for the reunion party: TESTPRESS SUNDAYS REUNION Est. 1997 MAY 31, 2015 Hosted by Resident dj’s: [...]


Flyers and Flyer magazine. A lost artform. A way to promote parties, raves and events before the internet. In a short period of pre-Guillian [...]

Ibadan Records Party, London

big line-up: flyer design by Anselm [...]

One Eye Open Gallery Invite

One Eye Open Gallery & Galerie Philippe Gelot present Portraits of Asia Olivier Letant, b/w photography and Marie-Laure Griffe, ceramic [...]