Anselm Dästner courses

Courses at WeDesign

In the middle of summer, we spend a day recording a short course on typography rules. It was excruciatingly hot and while we were shooting w [...]

Parsons Online Graphic Design 1

people Daisy Chaussee, Michael Denny, Hannah (Gilfenbain) Steiner, Gina Jee, Cynthia Leck, Corey Paul, Stefania Ruibal, Sydney Seiff, Elizab [...]

Pratt UX/UI classes Fall 2019

This is the Thursdays afternoon UX/UI class. First, we re-designed a web page. Students Wednesday morning class: Varun Mundra, Sabrina Yoo, [...]

Parsons Graphic Design Summer Intensive 2019

students: Noam Abrahams, Loriane Ardiley, Rabkwan Chaimattayompol, Isabelle Duffner, Gus Green, Hao Jiang, Kelly Liu, Taylor O’Shaughn [...]

Pratt Portfolio class Spring 2019

Tuesday afternoon class: Leandra Goertzen, Chantal Hernandez, Janine Ibrahim, Harrison Jude, David Judkins, Samuel Slothower, Javan Spruill, [...]

Pratt UX/UI classes Fall 2018

Introduction to User Experience and User Interface design. Wednesday morning class: Chantal Hernandez, Tianhao Yu, Leandra Goertzen, Javan S [...]