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teaching English at Parsons’ TESOL

2nd class, most of them already left, and this might be the last class before video corona classes. Today, I was teaching my first English c [...]

Type Thursday in the New York Times

An article in the New York Times got Type Thursday quite hyped. There are 120 tickets sold for the next event. Outch, it’s going to be [...]

website for video production agency The Royal We is a creative comnany that is focusing on 2d and 3d motion design. [...]


These are the new products for Kadidja. [...]

#nyctypography part 4 & #parsonstypesafari

In this ongoing project, I post photos of typography or letterforms that I find meaningful and revealing of the stories and their places. Mo [...]

Frequency Manipulation EP

available at Downtown 304 [...]

UX/UI, what’s that?

The first reaction I get from most people when I tell them that I teach UX/UI is this: “What is UX/UI?” Answer: “It stand [...]

A new Michal Sobkowiak Piano Recital Flyer in Japan

Michal Sobkowiak is a pianist from Poland living, performing and teaching in Tokyo, Japan He is famous for playing Chopin, which is also one [...]

Real Madrid Silk Screen Job with Parley for the Oceans

Lately, my karma throws me fun jobs. Parley for the Oceans, was funded by my old friend Cyrill. And Vickie has been instrumental to have m [...]

Monique performing at Lincoln Park Music Festival

Monique Bingham performing, Saturday, July 28, the Lincoln Park Music Festival. House Music Day. I silk-screened T-shirts for her. [...]

My Absolute Favorite Typography
& Graphic Design Books

The NY Public Library has a vast catalog. One can go to the midtown library i.e. and flip through a hand-printed original by Adrian Frutiger [...]