Quality Mending at 705 Driggs




The Official Opening Party
THU., Dec. 10th  5pm – 8.30pm
705 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn PH: 212.334-5339

Drinks, Discounts, DJ By “By Such and Such”, and More

DRINKS sponsored by Sailor Jerry, Kai D, Death to Tennis



as always, this drawing is available as a postcard in the store or my web shop

btw: this was a commissioned work and I am looking to do more. The charge is $350 and it takes about 2 weeks to finish.
I start by sketching at the scene, so i can set the proportions to what i deem most interesting or important. Then I continue to color and draw at home from photos. The colors I use are water color acrylics and Aquarell, as well as pencil.

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