3 New Type Posters


These are going to be silk-screened typography posters. So these are work-in-progress:

1. Rotnok is a music label logo we never quite finished but got stuck building a whole typeface for. It is inspired by my friend Andreas Döhring from Designliga in Munich.
it can still happen?



shinjukuPixelPOSTERSETc2. When I stayed in Tokyo I  mostly used the Keio train line and really liked it’s old typeface, but did not find it, which made me recreate it.
It took a few attempts: at first trips visiting stations just to take pictures of their station signs, crossed the help of chat boards (Typography.Guru, an absolute authority on type), and now it’s going to be build int o a font. the abstract lines on the bottom are Shinjuku station, above that is an abstract view of the street overpass of the expressway, even though the trains run way below that…




coolbeansDots3. “cool beans” was something my creative director Hakarl Bee at Rapp Advertsing said a lot, it inspired to do this one. Olive and pink?…, really not sure…, but for now.

here are 4 previous posters of this series

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