Shinjuku Keio


typeface “Gona”

the story:
While we lived on the westside of Tokyo our train company was the “Keio” line. Some of the older stations used signage font with a very rounded “e” and a kind-of old style closed-double-loop “g”. No matter how much i searched I could not find a digitized version of the typeface anywhere, so I set out to photograph each letter I could find to build my own.Lateron a typenerd wrote me a page of an old catalog and the typeface used is called “Gona”, and was later re-released and modernized as “Shin-Go, but they changed the old “g” and has an “e” with corners. Also, all the quirky baseline shifts to accommodate for descenders on the signage have been “cleaned” up.

Probably there are not many tourist that travel to “Bubaigawara” just to take a photo of the station sign since it contains a lower case “w”.
After building the full alphabet I noticed it was impossible to match all the different widths, and ended up using a similar typeface as a base and changing the parts that I liked so much.


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