Anselm Dästner web

Welcome to Qanta Ahmed’s new website which is home to her journalism. Here you can find her latest publications, television segments a [...]

Hub-LIC Real Estate Leasing Campaign

The “Hub” in Long Island city is an old warehouse that is being converted into a large cool office building. The 4 floors and the main f [...]

TheFactoryLIC Website and Brochure

MTG re-designed The Factory’s website and brochure. Extra-Credit-Question: Where is me hiding like Waldo in the background? As the pos [...]

Responsive Websites

eScholastic Part of the new eScholastic are launched now: i was mostly working on the UI for the accounts pages [...]

Update at The spirited Monique Bingham is on stage at various places around the globe and i made a t-shirt that is on sale [...]

Regal Buna Logo

coming soon: Local coffee roaster Murara asked me to design the logo, business card and website. here is the beginning: [...]

Mayor update:       Releases: Shop: [...]

Website CoolForSchoolPhoto

the re-designed Cool for School Photo website is now published. It’s my friends Klaudia and Larry’s photo studio that makes the [...]

new website for New York fashion designer artists Tunji Dada:     [...]

Monique Bingham Update

lots of new gigs at Miami WMC 2015: website designed by Anselm Dästner [...]

designed previous WordPress Template integrating a new shopping cart and loop for a blog forum. (addition: website since 6/15 isn’t de [...]

Larry Bercow Office Portraits Page

Larry updated a lot of the galleries on his website: and edited the Office Portrait page on his website, which I design [...]