Anselm Dästner projects

Monique Bingham’s single “Bloody Lucky”

Record cover for my friend Monique Bingham’s latest single: “Bloody Lucky”       the alt version:   &n [...]

Portfolio update

new pdf portfolio: PDF   [...]




a few examples: Ibadan Records was founded 1995 in New York. The logo combines the Nigerian national symbol of an antelope combined into a m [...]

Monique Bingham update

lots of new gigs at Miami WMC 2015: website designed by Anselm Dästner [...]

designed previous WordPress Template integrating a new shopping cart and loop for a blog forum. (addition: website since 6/15 isn’t de [...]


Flyers and Flyer magazine. A lost artform. A way to promote parties, raves and events before the internet. In a short period of pre-Guillian [...]

Larry Bercow Office Portraits page

Larry updated a lot of the galleries on his website: and edited the Office Portrait page on his website, which I design [...]

Umri Remixes – Desvio Records

for Angel Rodrigues and Michael Cole of Slam Mode previous designs: [...]

preview at

new look for coming soon: [...]

I designed my friend and fashion designer Zolayka Sherzad’s webpage The label is based in Afghanistan and NYC and co [...]