Anselm Dästner print

Ibadannacht at PanoramaBar

Panorama Bar at Berghain is definitely a famous venue, so I am proud to have designed the Ibadan Night flyer for it: It will be printed. We [...]

Monique Bingham – Gets You Off

Monique Bingham – Gets You Off – Cover design by Anselm Dästner purchase this at: [...]

Screen Printing – KuluKulu, Kitchen, Bucketlist

    the bullet list 6 color [...]

The Come Up – Book Cover Design

it’s an amazing book by my friend Greg Rossi. Adrenalin pure, available at     and look, it’s on th [...]

Regal Buna Logo

coming soon: Local coffee roaster Murara asked me to design the logo, business card and website. here is the beginning: [...]

Best of the Last Album, Monique Bingham

Huge record project coming out on House Africa and Bigga Sounds US. Monique’s “Best of the Last” anthology. Release party [...]

Ida Word Poster 12″

the new 12″ poster: So, guess what, technically this is all type: face is made out of emojis, ‘counted about 50 (texture mapped) [...]

Screen Printing Intro Class

  I took a screen printing class at Gowanus Print Lab in Brooklyn. Why I didn’t take this 20 years ago is the biggest mystery, b [...]

“The Kitchen Says” Poster

this one is for my daughter: the kitchen says: “shut up and eat your vegetables”: detail: as a screen print (Ida told me to tone [...]

Kulu Kulu Poster

This is another way to learn japanese, the hiragana alphabet as well. It is adding another one to a series of typography posters. the two pr [...]


the plan: a series of typographical silk-screen posters for a super exclusive wiskey bar in Yoyogi Uehara. this oldie, but still one of my f [...]

Monique Bingham’s Single “Bloody Lucky”

Record cover for my friend Monique Bingham’s latest single: “Bloody Lucky”       the alt version:   &n [...]