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WYSIWYG: a TypeThurs Exhibition

WHAT YOU SEE IS NOT WHAT YOU GET Curated by TypeThursday AUGUST 28 – NOVEMBER 15 FARMINGDALE STATE COLLEGE Memorial Gallery, A special tha [...]

TypeThursday’s Yearbook

The book is available at PDF of my pages these were some extra pics Julie send me [...]

Flyer for Watergate, Berlin

facebook event banner instagram banner [...]

Brennstempel Naturligvis

I made a logo stamp for my friend’s families’s shop in Denmark. [...]

“My New German Records” in Plexiglas

I had those plates laser-cut out of plexiglas to submit it to the annual competition of the Type Director’s Club. It’s 18″ [...]

Tokyo Tips

My friends asked me about things in Tokyo to see. And they are mostly interested in the historical parts, the old traditions, the context. H [...]

Suggested Destinations for Visitors to New York City

First time visitor to New York often ask about my favorite places to see. When I came across a blogpost by the great designer and writer Ian [...]


a collection of NY typography that I post on instagram #nytypography #anselmdastner                 [...]

12" Typography Posters

Ruffled Chips The inital idea was a typeface that creates an optical illusion using moiree lines. One day me and Ida engorged on ruffled chi [...]

My New German Recs

Thanks to Khairi Mdnor to let me post another mix on Intermission: DoubtingThomas  [...]

Ibadannacht at PanoramaBar

Panorama Bar at Berghain is definitely a famous venue, so I am proud to have designed the Ibadan Night flyer for it: It will be printed. We [...]