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12" Typography Posters

Ruffled Chips The inital idea was a typeface that creates an optical illusion using moiree lines. One day me and Ida engorged on ruffled chi [...]

My New German Recs

Thanks to Khairi Mdnor to let me post another mix on Intermission: DoubtingThomas  [...]

Ibadannacht at PanoramaBar

Panorama Bar at Berghain is definitely a famous venue, so I am proud to have designed the Ibadan Night flyer for it: It will be printed. We [...]

3 new type posters

These are going to be silk-screened typography posters. So these are work-in-progress: 1. Rotnok is a music label logo we never quite fin [...]

#amsterdamtypography, #freiburgtypography

#freiburgtypography     #amsterdamtypography [...]


for summer travel, a new mix   [...]

Blick on Bond 1st prize

I won 1st prize at the Blick on Bond juried art competition “Metropolis Next” with the Chinatown drawing. (also available as par [...]

Rapp advertising

working at RAPP advertsing with Cristy Rhoads was fun! I’ll post some work when it’s released. [...]

Mas Context book Issue 24

now available as hardcover: take a look at [...]

Screen printing intro class

  I took a screen printing class at Gowanus Print Lab in Brooklyn. Why I didn’t take this 20 years ago is the biggest mystery, b [...]


this gallery features Japanese Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji typography. I use it to practice.     some pictures were taken from t [...]

“The Kitchen says” poster

this one is for my daughter: the kitchen says: “shut up and eat your vegetables”: detail: as a screen print (Ida told me to tone [...]